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  1. After submit form nih, hopefully anda tak cancel order coz MZ will do the RESERVATIONs for you. MZ akan reply to your email address for confirmation k? sama ada order anda confirm, sold out or ape jugak status order anda. MZ akan reply asap k? Dont worry. IMPORTANT!!! Bole check INBOX or SPAM anda for our reply k? WAIT FOR OUR REPLY. :))
  2. For those yang confirm we will confirm you your total amount and we will inform you bank account no. for payment. At the moment, you can bankin either to Maybank or CIMB account. 
  3. After dah bankin, please inform us for shipping arrangement k?? MZ akan reserve for 2 HARI SAHAJA dan selepas itu reservations akan di'release'kan kepada customer lain2. But, if anything bole je inform MZ. :))
  4. MZ akan post melalui POS EXPRESS or POS LAJU k? So, your order will reach you within 2 or 3 days. If ada yang x sampai lagi, tolong inform MZ. Kita bole track kat mana order anda. :))
  5. REMINDER!!! If ada yang nak cancel order, bole inform je ok? Ada yang order, pastu senyap je. Tanya banyak2 kali pon x reply. Hopefully xde yang mcm tu lagi coz MZ tak marah pon if cancel order tuh. If inform awal, MZ bole release kepada yang betol2 nak beli barang tuh. ok?? :))